The teenager who was the first victim of police gunfire in Hong Kong's months long pro-democracy protests was charged Thursday with rioting and attacking police.

Thousands rallied in Sydney and Taipei to support Hong Kong democracy protesters Sunday, kicking off a day of planned "anti-totalitarianism" demonstrations globally.

"The situation in Hong Kong in the past week has made me very worried that we have reached this dangerous situation," she added.

An email attributed to an unidentified government spokesman conceded recent road blockages and confrontations between police and protesters had caused inconveniences, but said they were confined to limited areas.

On Monday, some hardline protesters appeared to have reached breaking point, saying they felt compelled to storm parliament because their concerns were going unheard.

As the videos went viral, workers of various parties held protests in Ghazipur, Chandauli and Dumariyaganj alleging that EVMs were being "moved around" outside strongrooms.

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