More than a million tons a year of America's plastic trash isn't ending up where it should. The equivalent of as many as 1,300 plastic grocery bags per person is landing in places such as oceans and roadways, according to a new study of US plastic trash.

Plastic is like an addiction from which we are trying to overcome. The application of plastic is prevalent in every single modern industry.

The Central Puja Committee (CPC) of Meghalaya has issued an advisory to all the Durga Puja committees in the state asking them to shun the use of plastic during the festivities.

The Calcutta High Court chief justice has ordered a ban on single-use plastic on its premises here as well as that of the circuit benches at Jalpaiguri and Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the registrar general said on Wednesday.

Actor Vicky Kaushal says every film set is taking extreme care to not use plastic following Prime Minister Narendra Modi's call to eliminate single-use plastic.

The BJP-led North Delhi Municipal Corporation has started a campaign to discourage usage of single-use plastic and it will go on till October 2, officials said on Monday.

"Another form of land degradation, which if not prevented, would become impossible to reverse. This is the menace of plastic waste. Apart from having adverse health implications, this is going to render land unproductive and unfit for agriculture. My government....

"My government has announced that India will put end to the single use plastic in the coming year. I believe the time has come for even the world to say goodbye to the single use of plastics".