Launching a fresh attack on the NDA government at the Centre, Gandhi coined a slogan Kuchh nahin sab jhootha hai Narendra Modi ne loota hai, (All promises are proven false. Narendra Modi has robbed people of whatever they had).

"I'm confident that they want NYAY for every Indian and will vote wisely," he tweeted and tagged a short video of the Congress' 'Ab hoga Nyay' theme focusing on youngsters.

"For the bright future of the youth, for the progress of the farmers, for profit of small businesses, for rights of the deprived, do cast your vote because 'ab hoga nyay' (justice will be done),"

"We have promised to give Rs 72,000 crore (a year) to poor people under the Nyay scheme which will change the economic condition of the poor in the country," he said.

As voting for the second phase of polling started Thursday morning, Congress president Rahul Gandhi urged voters to "vote for Nyay" (justice).

The Congress party promised that if elected to form the next government, it would implement a Nyuntam Aay Yojana, which will transfer Rs 72,000 as cash income annually to the bottom fifth of the poorest families.