Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the the second National Youth Parliament Festival on January 12.

There will be vaccine officers 1 who will check the registration status of the beneficiaries. Vaccine officers 2 will verify documents. Vaccine officers 3 and 4 will manage the crowd.

The Prime Minister also said that the world is not only waiting for India's coronavirus vaccines but also looking at how it rolls out the largest vaccination programme in the world.

PM Modi said during this time that a big program of Corona vaccine is starting. We are proud of the work of our scientists.

PM Modi will hand over the National Atomic Timescale and Indian Directive to the people of the country. On this occasion, the Prime Minister will also lay the foundation stone of the National Environmental Standards Lab.

Gandhi’s statement comes a day after a farmer at the UP-Delhi border allegedly committed suicide. The farmers have demanded a repeal of the three controversial farm laws.

The video shared along with the poem pays tribute to frontline workers including doctors, soldiers and police, and also to farmers.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone for these programs in 6 states under the Global Housing Technology Challenge India (GHTC India).