There are also some beggars whose stories will surprise you and it is possible that their income is more than you. So let us tell you about the five richest beggars in India.

Amid the chants of 'aala re aala Ajinkya aala', flowers were showered on hi while dhol and trumpets made it a festive atmosphere.

The pub was raided for keeping the establishment open beyond the permissible time limit and not following Covid norms.

Posters of French President Emmanuel Macron were found pasted on a busy road in south Mumbai and were later removed by the police, an official said on Friday.

The Mumbai Police has issued an alert after the letter from the department. Drones and other items of flying have been banned throughout the city.

Major fire breaks out at Mumbai’s City Centre mall

About an hour after the grid failure, electricity has come to some parts of western suburb including Navi Mumbai. Efforts are being made to revive power supply in other areas.

Taking to Twitter, Bollywood celebs and residents of the city complained of a sudden electricity outage in several parts.