Joe Biden

Biden made it clear that the United States would work strongly in protecting national interests. Simultaneously the two presidents agreed to pursue transparent and coherent communication.

The Senate has confirmed this on Monday. Let's know who Janet Yellen is. Why did President Biden make Janet the country's Treasury Minister.

President Joe Biden told reporters at the Oval Office of the White House on Wednesday that Trump had written a "very generous" letter to him.

Meanwhile, Biden has signed an executive order granting relief to migrants. 1.1 crore migrants will benefit from this. It includes about five lakh Indians.

Joe Biden took the 46th US Presidential Oath from the Capitol Building in Washington DC. Along with him Kamala Harris also held the post of Vice President.

Some people in the village are preparing a traditional recipe 'Murukku' to celebrate the occasion. Many were seen cleaning the street and coloring the corners of the streets.

Biden's full name is Joseph R. Biden. Prior to this, he has also played the role of Vice-President in the former US President Barack Obama administration.

The making of Kolam in the online ceremony of Biden and Kamala's oath taking is also a direct proof of this. It is actually a traditional rangoli of the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu.