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Time for some midnight indulgence with this easy recipe. Would you like to try it?It is fine to indulge once in a while.

Check out this recipe by MasterChef India runner up Neha Deepak Shah who keeps sharing easy recipes that can be tried at home.

A popular Gujarati snack, dhokla is known for its savoury, sweet and spicy flavours. While it can be enjoyed by itself, it goes very well with a hot cup of masala chai.

Made with black chickpeas which are a rich source of protein along with calcium-rich dahi, the simple recipe is a must-try.

If you are in the mood for a party recipe, why not try rice noodles? Here is a simple recipe that chef Vicky Ratnani recently shared on Instagram.

A rich source of protein, it is also enriched with phosphorous, magnesium and fibre, making it the perfect combination of health and taste!

Imagining! How it can be possible with Only One Ingredient? So,check it out the recipe.