Monsoon brings happiness. It is one season during which you need to give your skin extra care and pampering.

If you are in pain, here is a simple DIY pain relief balm that you can make for quick relief.

If you are not in favour of something heavy, go for something light and filling at the same time. Who doesn’t love a quick and filling sandwich.

You can make the easy recipe at home. If you are not sure where to begin, here is a simple recipe that you can count on.

Boost your metabolism with this soothing lemonade. Even if you are fond of green tea, it might get monotonous and boring to drink it everyday.

Who doesn’t love munching on masala papad with their meals or just as a snack. And if you too want to relish the same, there is nothing better than one made at home.

Another easy DIY, which can come handy for when you are looking to apply a fresh coat of nail paint, but have run out of options at home.

Here is a simple recipe for making spicy and cheesy paneer pizza pockets that you can eat with a sauce or dip of your choice.