While this year, amid the pandemic, the celebrations may not be as cheerful, you can always make it special by whipping up some healthy desserts.

Chef Shivesh Bhatia recently made a delicious smoothie that can double up as a caffeine fix in the morning. He aptly called it matcha-banana-avo smoothie.

There is a huge range of healthy snacks that can work wonders in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and managing diabetes if included in our diet.

Watch today's match and serve Tomato Upma along with coconut chutney and masala chai.

Pickles have a lot of health benefits, as long as they are prepared at home. Made of natural ingredients, pickle is a great source of vitamin K, A a and probiotic bacteria.

The idea of health and nutrition has gained much attention and importance as we continue to stay at home amid the pandemic.

Dopamine is the hormone that is responsible for happiness. It is often referred to as the ‘happy hormone’. But scientifically, it is a neurotransmitter.

Cravings for Spring Roll? Follow this easy recipe to make some tasty and healthy rolls.