Here’s Ayurvedic expert Dr Dixa Bhavsar sharing more about how curry leaves can be made a more prominent part of your life.

Instead of going for a heavy meal, one should start their day with foods that are light yet nutritious.

Soups are not only delicious, they are also comforting and easy to make. So how about keeping it light yet nutritious with a bowl of tomato soup.

Meditation as an arduous task — which is ironic because meditation is the means by which you can escape the daily stress of life and everything else that seems daunting to you.

Custard apple is delicious. It is said that the fruit is packed with just the right amount of calories, traces of protein, fat, iron and vital minerals.

Researchers combined the two forms of diet to design MIND diet.It is a combination of Mediterranean diet and DASH diet, considered to be healthy diet plans.

When you sweat, your body secretes liquid through sweat glands, which cover your skin.It also indicates that your body's temperature has been regulated and the heat has been flushed out.

Read here,to know the benefits of eating almonds.The benefits of almonds for better heart health are quite popular.