If you are one of those people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle and love to choose your diet cautiously, you should include these types of foods in your diet for a healthy life. So lets get started with these extra-ordinary foods which are full of nutritional value.

Besides its cooling effect on the body, 'sattu' also helps people with gastric problem, as per ancient scripts of Ayurveda. It also aids fat and weight loss,is excellent for strong sexual health and is a natural colon cleanser as it is high in insoluble fibre that makes it good for your intestines. Its low  glycaemic index makes it good for diabetic patients.

Mandavia, while replying to questions, said the government has fixed trade margins of 42 medicines relating to cancer and other diseases, which has helped bring down their price by 90 per cent.

No one will be deprived of free treatment as Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has stressed for 'Health Care For All', Das said, while addressing a conference of chief district medical officers here on Wednesday.

In summers people love to swim and swimming in itself is a pretty much good workout but what if we tell you some health benefits you get while you are having fun in water filled pools.

Did you know of the reports that suggest how the first velocipedes, yes that is the name for early models of the bicycles (which got its name bicycle in 1868), was invented?

In this scorching heat, most of us prefer light and njot too oily snack. Rava appam is one of them. It has always been the most popular and favorite snack for breakfast. It not only makes a perfect breakfast but is healthy to eat too. Very less oil is used to prepare these appams and one can make them within minutes. So lets begin preparing this these tempting appams.

The kind of pathogens (bacteria, virus or other micro-organisms that can cause disease) coming on the beaches due to tar balls are not good, NIO's senior scientist Rakhee Khandeparkar, who is heading the team conducting the research, told PTI.