Hathras Rape Case

The CBI team reached the scene for the third time. Upon reaching there, he has interrogated the family of the victim. Not only this, the team victim's family made all the different inquiries at the scene.

Hearing of the case, the family of the victim has been stopped in the Uttarakhand Bhavan guest house due to the large police presence in the entire area.

Hathras: New revelation of Rape Case will shock you!

Sandeep also said that when I reached the farm to meet her, she asked me to go back to house there. Then I came to my house and was watering the animals with my father.

At the same time, the Congress leader talked about the agricultural laws that this is a step towards breaking the existing structure of food security.

Mayawati targeted CM Yogi Aditynath on angle of Political conspiracy in Hathras Rape Case. She said that time will tell if it is correct or your Electoral Trick.

Mayawati said that there was misbehavior with the media. Even after going there and lathi charge of police with opposition leaders and people.

Since the death of a gang-raped girl in Bool Garhi village of Hathras, the UP police has done its own thing, the victim's family has been imprisoned in the house and the people of the village are also being allowed to come out.