These days, most people tend to forget their table manners. Regardless of the place, you should always follow some important table manners to dine with elegance.

A new promo has been released which shows contestants begging for food to Bigg Boss. Among all of them, Rakhi Sawant, who was very hungry, continues to woo the audience with her funny antics.

While Tsunami cake is made like any other layered cake, with buttercream frosting in between, there is an added twist.

After Matar Kachori and Matar Paratha, it’s time for my favourite Matar Ke Appe. No Fry snack that you could have any time of the day.

Following are some foods that you should add to your diet if you have the flu or a cold as they will help you get back up on your feet faster.

Kolkata-based food blogger Reshu Drolia showed how to make saffron-flavoured malai pedas with homemade chhena or cottage cheese

There is a huge range of healthy snacks that can work wonders in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and managing diabetes if included in our diet.

You can turn the good-old protein source of rajma or kidney beans into a flavourful snack of tikkis that would make a special weekend affair.