Make your lunch time even more hearty. For all those who love fish, an amazing recipe that can instantly lift their mood is the good old fish fry.

Bargaining is not wrong and every purchaser bargains if he thinks the price for something he is buying is a bit too high but what if not agreeing to the price of the customer turns out to be the death of the seller.

We have often seen pet lovers training their dogs, cats, dolphins, birds and all those little cute ones for doing something unusual but you might have surely not come across this little creature who walks all the way down the market to collect fish for himself carrying a bag-pack on its shoulder!

The Aam Aadmi Party on Thursday claimed that the fish imported in Goa was laced with formalin, following which state Health Minister Vishwajit Rane said none of the samples have tested positive.

"With all seriousness, I would like to inform the people of Goa that the fish imported in the state is been thoroughly checked, not only by the state government but also via the central government agencies," he said.

New York:  Consuming a sugar-sweetened drink like fruit juices with a high-protein meal including lean meat, chicken, fish and dairy products may negatively affect energy balance, alter food preferences and cause the body to store more fat, according to a study. The findings showed that the inclusion of a sugar-sweetened drink decreased fat oxidation, which kick-starts …

New York: Consuming a Mediterranean diet, rich in fruits and fish, while decreasing the intake of soft drinks may help prevent the risk of developing colorectal cancer by nearly 86 per cent. Colorectal cancer develops from intestinal polyps and has been linked to a low-fibre diet heavy on red meat, alcohol and high-calorie foods. “We …