Do you remember when Hermione from Harry Potter was Petrified on the date of the Quidditch match between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. Well, what if I tell you humans in real life also can get petrified or actually turn into a stone. You won't believe me right? But it's true!

What if your favourite pass-time, sleeping, become the ultimate cause of your death? What if you'll immediately stop breathing the second you fall asleep? Suffering from this disease means you either have to choose between sleeping or remaining alive!

Researchers in Uganda have launched the largest-ever trial of the experimental Ebola vaccine that is expected to be deployed in neighbouring Congo, where a deadly outbreak has killed over 1,800 people.

Pitching for creating a mass movement to combat viral hepatitis, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla has said the country must join hands to make India free of the disease, as done with polio.

New York: Older adults with persistent pain show quicker memory decline as they age and are more likely to have dementia years later, an indication that chronic pain could be related to changes in the brain, researchers have found. The study, led by researchers from the University of California San Francisco, showed that people who …

New York: Increased consumption of fruit and vegetables per day may lower your risk of developing an artery disease that affects blood flow to the legs, researchers say. Peripheral artery disease (PAD) narrows the arteries of the legs, limiting blood flow to the muscles and making it difficult or painful to walk or stand. Also …