The number of corona virus infections in the country is increasing rapidly. Even on a daily level, more than 90 thousand cases of corona virus cases are being registered.

Due to the high speed of corona in the country, the number of patients getting infected has crossed 5 million. In last 11 days the number of patients in the country has increased by one million.

In India, the infection of Coronavirus in India is increasing rapidly. More than 95 thousand new cases are being reported continuously for the last three days.

The number of corona virus cases in the country has crossed 4.5 million. New cases of corona virus infection are increasing daily. There have been 96,551 new cases of corona virus in a day.

There has been a record increase in new cases of Coronavirus in India. During the last 24 hours, more than 95 thousand new cases have been reported and 1,172 people have also died during this period.

Health Ministry Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said in a press conference on Tuesday that due to large scale testing, large figures are showing.

WHO chief Dr. Tedros Adhom Grabesis has said that everyone should be prepared for this pandemic. It also said that countries around the world should invest a lot of money in public health before the next pandemic, otherwise a condition like corona is expected.

Due to the high speed of corona virus cases in the country, the government is constantly changing the rules and strategies. Now the Indian Council of Medical Research i.e. ICMR has issued a new advisory regarding Corona virus testing.