corona vaccine

India has made a deal for 100 million doses of Russian Corona Vaccine Sputnik V. Let us know that the last trial of this vaccine is going on in India.

He said that he would give Corona vaccine to every citizen. Biden said that Anthony Fauci would not be removed as Corona Pandemic's top adviser. Even after he was sworn in as president next month.

The Serum Institute of India stated that covishield is safe and immunogenic. There was no accident with the volunteer in Chennai due to the vaccine.

The government has started working on the final phase of the Corona vaccine plan. According to the information, the government will spend about 20 thousand crore.

On the other hand, earlier on Tuesday, US officials had said that emergency use is allowed in the country just like Pfizer-BioNotech vaccine.

AstraZeneca said the vaccine appeared to be up to 90 percent effective in the low-dose group, while the group that was given the full two doses showed the vaccine to be up to 62 percent.

It has been reported from the sources that vaccine will be given to one crore front line health workers of the country first. It is worth noting that currently five vaccine trials are going on in the country, whose positive results are coming.

AstraZeneca issued a statement informing it. This is a relief news for India, because the Serum Institute in India is engaged in the production of this vaccine.