corona updates india

The number of coronavirus infections in India has crossed 1.2 million. On the other hand, the number of deaths from covid 19 has gone up to 29861.

According to the latest data released by the Ministry of Health, 742417 cases have been reported in the country so far.

India is fighting with corona virus. The number of patients and the number of covid deaths are constantly increasing.

The recovery rate of corona is improving in India. Now, it is at 60 percent. At the same time, the corona cases crosses the mark of 6 lakh in country.

In the midst of the Corona crisis, even though the Modi government has implemented unlock in the country and removed most of the restrictions, the state governments are still adopting the lockdown as an effective tool to prevent infection at their own level.

The number of corona infection is multiplying everyday in India. In this situation people are ignoring to go out and only essential services are open.

India is in the top 5 countries in the world in epidemic data, while in Asian countries, India is number one in both corona cases and deaths.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has instructed to test covid-19 with new technique 'Antigen Test'. The state has got anti test kits. Testing process will be started through them across the state from Wednesday.