Corona Updates in India

During August, the speed of Corona has become uncontrollable. In August month, the speed of the corona has grown so fast that it has increased the tension of everyone.

Corona virus in India is not taking the name of havoc. So far more than 28 lakh cases have been reported in the country and more than 53 thousand people have died.

In India, over 60 thousand corona virus cases have been reported for the second consecutive day and about nine lakh sample tests have been conducted during this period.

Corona virus cases are increasing rapidly in India. Govt also increased daily testings and now the tally has crossed the mark of 26 Lakh in India.

The number of people infected with Corona crossed 2.3 million on Tuesday. However, the number of patients recovering in India is also increasing rapidly amidst increasing cases of corona.

The pace of Corona in India is not taking the name of stoppage. A large number of new cases of Corona are coming up every day.

The number of patients recovering from infection in the country has crossed 1.5 million among the fastest growing corona virus cases in India.

Corona virus is creating new records every day in India. In the last 24 hours 61,537 new cases have been reported while 933 people have died.