The number of corona virus infections in the country is increasing rapidly. Even on a daily level, more than 90 thousand cases of corona virus cases are being registered.

Work on progress in many countries of the world including India to make Corona Vaccine Update. Good news can soon come about the Corona virus vaccine in India.

The Health Ministry is keeping a close watch on the condition of corona in country. The Ministry of Health stated that the capacity to produce oxygen in the country is 6,900 MT.

In India, the speed of Corona is not taking its name. On Tuesday, the number of corona patients rose to over 37 lakhs.

Corona virus is not decreasing in India. The number of infected in the country has crossed 33 lakhs and the death toll has increased to 60 thousand.

Corona virus is spreading worldwide. So far, over 24 million people in the world have been infected with this virus. Apart from this, this virus has also killed more than 8.16 lakh people.

The total number of cases of corona virus in India has gone up to more than 31 lakhs and the death toll has gone up to more than 57.5 thousand.

The World Health Organization (WHO) expects the corona virus pandemic to end in less than two years. The head of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said on Friday that the Spanish flu that began in 1918 had ended in two years.