Launching a fresh attack on the NDA government at the Centre, Gandhi coined a slogan Kuchh nahin sab jhootha hai Narendra Modi ne loota hai, (All promises are proven false. Narendra Modi has robbed people of whatever they had).

The senior Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) official said the Hawker 850 XP aircraft VT-KNB returned back to Delhi after take-off due to a technical snag.

Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Friday said his flight to Patna was forced to return to Delhi after experiencing "engine trouble".

"What is the meaning of keeping India safe if different sections of people -- women, Dalits, SCs, STs, minorities, academics, writers, journalists etc -- are unsafe?" he asked.

The party said it unequivocally and strongly condemns the injustice done to the families by Pearl Agrotech Corporation Limited (PACL) as well as about 12 crore victims of the various chit fund scams and it is taking a very serious view of this organised fraud.

"If rich people are not jailed for not paying off loans then farmers too will not be jailed. If lakhs and crores are given to them then the same will be given to farmers, labourers, tribals, Dalits and small traders. There will be no injustice in Hindustan. The country will not be divided in two Hindustans. There will be one Hindustan where justice will be done," the Congress president said.

Addressing a rally in this north Bihar town, Modi also claimed that Congress-led opposition was in jitters after the "favourable response" to the NDA in the first three phases of elections.

The court granted exemption to Ramesh after the Congress leader moved an application and sought exemption from appearing before it today.