If you want to make something special for your child to not only satiate their hunger pangs but also make them eat something nutritious and delicious at the same time, here is a quick and easy recipe from chef Meghna Kamdar

Check out this recipe by MasterChef India runner up Neha Deepak Shah who keeps sharing easy recipes that can be tried at home.

Excellent as a snack on its own, cheese is also a perfect ingredient in pasta, soups, souffle and many other recipes. We slap it on a sandwich cold but why stop there when it can be grilled and melted...

But what if you get sudden cravings and you run short of these items? Dont stop yourself. Newstrack brings to you this quick hack to dive iunto your favourite snack.

It has always remained a myth that health and taste are two parallel structures that can never be taken together. Here, Newstrack brings to you this easy, delicious and healthy recipe which can be enjoyed at any time of the hour and is also a cure for your late night cravings. 

New York: Consuming protein rich foods such as nuts, eggs, seeds, beans, poultry, yogurt, cheese and even chocolate may foster a more tolerant and less inflammatory gut environment, which could mean relief for people living with abdominal pain and diarrhoea of inflammatory bowel disease, a study has said. These food items contain an appreciable amounts of …