If you are in pain, here is a simple DIY pain relief balm that you can make for quick relief.

Are you Looking for a tasty way to lose weight? Here is the best option for you,try Peanuts.

When you sweat, your body secretes liquid through sweat glands, which cover your skin.It also indicates that your body's temperature has been regulated and the heat has been flushed out.

Wanna get rid of Chapped lips? Make your own lip balm at home with these easy and simple steps.

Lucknow: In this modern world when women are more empowered and confident their role from being a supportive housewife has changed to that of a working woman. With this shift in role, an attitude change can also be seen among woman and they have become more selective when looking for a life partner. A modern women …

Lucknow: Sex plays a very vital role in your life and for a good and strong relationship a perfect balance of sexual feelings with emotions are necessary. But sometimes your daily life schedule can hamper your sex life. It may also kill the sexual desires inside you. So, how to keep it alive? ALSO READ: What? …