Another group from the neighbouring country barged into the house of a Meghalaya resident and looted money, mobile phones and a gun, besides injuring the head of the family, a senior officer said.

Bangladesh, once dubbed a "bottomless basket", has now transformed into one of the most vibrant economies in the world, according to Foreign Minister A K Abdul Momen, who has invited foreign investors to tap the vast opportunities available in the country for businesses.

Bangladesh has reversed its decision of shutting down mobile networks along the country's over 4,000 km-long borders with India, two days after asking telecom operators to block the services citing "security" reasons, according to media reports on Wednesday.

The report suggests that Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina made a similar demand during her private visit to India in October.

Supreme Court lawyer Mahmudul Hasan sent a legal notice to the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Islamic Foundation, ICMH, Special Care Newborn Unit (SCANU) and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) on December 24, challenging the milk bank and demanding setting proper conditions before launching it.

Once the process of filing applications for citizenship is over, a list of the claimants would be published, the chief minister stated.

Bangladesh on Sunday published a list of 10,789 Razakars (volunteers) who collaborated with the Pakistani forces during the country's Liberation War in 1971.

It was Shah's first visit to the headquarters of the country's largest border guarding force after becoming home minister in the Modi government's second term.