air pollution

Earlier this year, where pollution had reached the lowest level due to lockdown, these days the level of pollution is breaking all its records.

SC asks Centre to ensure there is no smog in Delhi-NCR

The Meteorological Department has expressed the possibility of rain in Jharkhand, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh on 5 November.

With the festivals coming up (after which air pollution levels generally increase) one needs to be very cautious, warned Dr Sareen. To keep illness at bay, she suggested taking the following precautionary measures.

Talking about AQI, 201 to 300 means bad, 300 to 400 means very bad, 401-500 means serious and above 500, it is recorded in the worst or emergency situation.

He said that I believe that the pollution arising from the straw can be controlled in a very short time. For this, our scientists and engineers have given solutions. Only lack of 'political will' is visible.

The national capital's air quality was recorded in the "poor" category on Saturday and the share of stubble burning in the city's PM2.5 pollution stood at 19 per cent, according to a central government agency.

With the rise in air pollution, the cognitive development of an individual is affected and it is also related with Cardiovascular disease, say experts.