Anil Kumble clarifies the impact of Saliva Ban on bowlers

Anil Kumble talked about impact of saliva ban in cricket. He stated that it would be more prominent in Test Cricket as others are short format game.

Gauri Chandra
Published on: 12 Jun 2020 6:19 PM GMT
Anil Kumble clarifies the impact of Saliva Ban on bowlers

New Delhi: Recently, ICC has come up with its fresh guidelines that will be in place once International cricket resumes. The most significant change that International Cricket Council has come up with is 'Saliva Ban'. No artificial substance or saliva, use sweat to shine the ball – ICC. Talking in light of the above statement, the change can take away the game of bowlers. Chairman of ICC cricket committee, Anil Kumble said that saliva will not be in use as it could lead to spread of the virus, which will be highly contagious.

Many bowlers have shown their disagreement on the above decision. Ace bowler, Jasprit Bumrah said there should be an alternative. If the ball isn't maintained, it would become difficult for bowlers.

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What all Kumble said-

Speaking to India Today, Kumble said- "It is a medical decision. We need to untrain and train as that's the only option we have. the only that cricket can be played is eliminating saliva as that's the way of spreading the virus."

"And yes, it is going to take away some element, but we don't know just using the sweat will be enough to keep the shine on. that is one element. The other element which is unique to cricket is the pitch, which not necessarily is an advantage to other sport, You can play around with the pitch to keep a balance between the bat and the ball. This is probably a unique opportunity to keep the spinner in the game. Test cricket is being loved and followed and played because of its unique challenges."

More Impact on Test Cricket, Kumble says-

"Our recommendation of banning saliva will affect more in Test cricket, rather than in ODI or T20 because it is a short game. It should not matter there and nobody is actually discussing banning saliva in T20 cricket. T20 could be an easier solution or match to handle. But having said that, if you are looking at a tournament it has its own challenges."

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Gauri Chandra

Gauri Chandra

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