Yogi Adityanath and his top controversial statements

Yogi Adityanath and his top controversial statements
Yogi Adityanath and his top controversial statements

Lucknow: As soon as the Bharatiya Janata Party's firebrand leader Yogi Adityanath was announced as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, the people of the state had been reminded of the controversial statements given by him from time to time.

The newstrack.com takes you closer to some of such statements of Gorakhpur MP which had created stir in social and political circles .

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Here are the top five controversial statements of Yogi Adityanath:

On Kairana Exodus: This is unacceptable. Bharatiya Janata Party will not let fulfill the agenda of Muslims to turn Uttar Pradesh into another Kashmir.

On Mother Teresa: Mother Teresa was one of the major parts of the conspiracy to Christianise India. On the name of doing service, Hindus were converted.

On Yoga: It was Lord Shiva who started Yoga. He is the biggest Yogi. He is the supreme power who lives in every particle of the universe. If we avoid Yoga then we are allowing Lord Shiva to leave India.

On Shah Rukh Khan: Shah Rukh Khan should understand that if people of this country will stop watching his films, he will also have to wander on the streets like a normal Muslim man. His language is quite similar to a terrorist. There is no difference between the language of SRK and Hafiz Saeed.

On minorities: About 450 riots took place under the regime of Samajwadi Party. The growing population of minority community is the prime reason behind it. The communal riots are always more in the areas where there is sizable minority population.