Calling someone 'item' is not disrespectful: Kamal Nath on his remark

Congress leader and former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister made a stir after his distasteful comment. Today, he explained that it was not intentionally done.

Yogita S.
Published on: 19 Oct 2020 9:21 AM GMT
Calling someone item is not disrespectful: Kamal Nath on his remark
Migrants being charged for train tickets, says Kamal Nath

In Madhya Pradesh, BJP candidate Imrati Devi was called an item in a public meeting by Kamal Nath. There is a ruckus between the power and the opposition about this. While Kamal Nath has once again clarified his statement, the BJP on Monday staged a two-hour silence in Bhopal and Indore in support of its candidate.

I forgot the name of candidate, not insulting him: Kamal Nath

At the same time, once again the former Chief Minister has given clarification on his statement. He says that the word item is not inconsistent. Shivraj is making excuses.

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In a public meeting, Kamal Nath said, 'When the list comes in the Lok Sabha, it is written on item number-1 ... When it comes in the assembly, it is written as item number-1 ... the item is maliciously or disrespectfully I did not say ... the item is not an inconsistent word ... I could not remember the name of the MLA on that occasion, so I said those are the items here. '

The Congress leader said, 'I said something, it was not meant to insult anyone ... I just didn't remember the name (of the person) ... This list (in my hand) is item no. 1, item no. 2 says is it an insult? Shivraj is looking for excuses. Kamal Nath does not insult anyone, he only makes you aware of the truth. '

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The former Chief Minister further said, 'Use of the item is common. This is the word of the Parliament ... It comes in the Legislative Assembly ... Today you see a program, today my item number is Omkareshwar ... So is it disrespectful. I do not understand this, but there is nothing worth telling them .. Somehow sit down to divert the attention of the public ... This is one of their goals. '

Let us tell you that Kamal Nath commented in bad taste for BJP candidate Imarti Devi. After which political parties asked for apology from Kamal Nath.

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