Unheard facts about Gajanana

Lord Ganesha is worshipped before starting any work. There are so many mythical and interesting facts about him.
There are 250 temples of Lord Ganesha in Japan.
Ekdantay is known as 'Congiten' in Japan and is considered as the symbol of happiness and prosperity.
According to a paper published at Oxford, Vighnharta was worshiped in central Asia.
The sculpture of Ekdantay has been found in many countries like China, Japan, Afghanistan, Nepal, USA and others.
The sculpture of Ganesha can be found in almost all major museums in the world including UK, Germany, France and Switzerland.
Recently, the sculpture of Ganesha has been found at a village near Sofia in Bulgaria.
Ireland embassy has kept Ganesh's photo at the front of their office.
Ganesha is considered as goddess of Cyberspace technology at Silicon Vally.
The picture of Ganesha can also be found on Indonesian currency.
According to Hindu Mythology, Ganesha had incarnated 10 thousand years ago and was called ‘’Namo Ganebhyo Ganpati’’ (नमो: गणेभ्यो गणपति).