The most beautiful fishes in the world

There are about 34,000 species of fish found in the world's fresh and salt waters.
Crowntail Betta fish lives in freshwater. Its tail feathers are large, sometimes up to 8 inches long. The crowntail betta is 2.5 inches long.
Discus fish is found in the Amazon River basin in South America. It is also kept in an aquarium. She is of a calm nature.
Banggai Cardinal Fish is a marine fish found in the Banggai Islands of Indonesia. It is silver in colour. Its wings are of polka dot pattern. The lifespan of this creature is two and a half to 3 years.
Mandarin fish is one of the most beautiful fish in the sea. It is found in the Pacific Ocean. Its eyes are very big.
Angelfish is found in South America. It lives for 10 years or can survive even longer than that.
The ram cichlid is a small and colorful fish found in the Orinoco River basin in the savannas of Colombia and Venezuela.
Arowana is a freshwater bony fish found in rivers, lakes and ponds in Asia, South America and Australia. These are also known as bony tongues.
Marine goldfish are popular fish living in the Red Sea, Western Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean.
The Clown Trigger Fish is a brightly colored fish. It is also called a hunter looking for fodder. It is found in the Indian Ocean and the Western Pacific Ocean.