Take care of your mothers' health, include these things in their diet

It is our responsibility to take care of our mother's health. Therefore, this Mother's Day, make some special changes in her diet.
After the age of 55, women should increase the amount of calcium in their diet. This can prevent bones from becoming weak.
Apart from milk and dairy products, include pulses, green leafy vegetables and soybean in the diet.
Vitamin D deficiency can cause fatigue and depression in old age.
To reduce this, include vitamin D rich foods like milk and eggs in your diet. Apart from this, definitely sit in the sun for some time.
Broccoli is also very beneficial for women. To maintain proper digestion, especially as we age.
She should also include nuts and seeds in her diet because it is very beneficial in increasing age.
Be sure to include green moong khichdi. It is also easy to digest and it also improves blood circulation.
Be sure to include green leafy vegetables. This fulfills the deficiency of Vitamin-B12, fiber and other essential nutrients in the body.