Remove vaginal smell in summer by using these tips

In summer, due to sweat, more bacteria start growing in and around the vagina and the vagina starts smelling bad.
Use these tips to avoid vagina smell:
Due to too tight-fitting panty, friction in the skin increases and itching and rashes occur. Instead of wearing synthetic fabric panties, wear cotton panties.
In summers, it becomes important to take more care of the cleanliness of the vagina.
Clean the vagina thoroughly while bathing, wash thoroughly near passing urine and then dry it with a wipe.
Hydration is the key to staying healthy in summer. If you do not drink enough water, it can cause many diseases.
Drinking water also helps in balancing the pH of the vagina. This reduces the risk of vaginal infection and smell.
Probiotic foods are also very good for our health. These maintain good gut health. Additionally, probiotics can also be helpful in maintaining vaginal health.