People live the longest in these 8 countries

No one has been able to know the secret of long life till now, but due to a bad lifestyle and eating junk food, many people are saying goodbye to life at an early age.
But here are some countries in which people live a long life. Know about these countries:
Monaco is the second smallest country in the world which is located in Western Europe. Here people live for 89.73 years which is more than other countries.
Pollution-free country San Marino is a small country near Italy which is known for nature friendly behavior also. The average age of the people here is 83.01 years.
The clean environment of Iceland is making its citizens healthy. The average age here is 81.28 years.
The people of Okinawa which is situated in Japan, prefer Japanese food with less sugar and more grains. People here live up to 100 years.
Andorra is a small country between France and Spain. People here pay a lot of attention to their fitness and live for an average of 82.51 years.
People of Israel located in the Middle East also live longer. The average age here is 81.5 years.
In Hong Kong, women live longer than men because they are very hardworking. Here the average age of women is 86.7 years and that of men is 80.5 years.