Important events on 17th September

King Gustaaf Adolf of Sweden defeats Johann Tserclaes in Breitenfeld battle
United States Constitution was formally signed in Philadelphia in 1787.
War between Sweden and Russia was changed into peace agreement.
The First Airplane Fatality in the Wright Flyer Crash
The Red Baron's First Aerial Victory was happened in WWI
The integration of Hyderabad state changed into the Indian Union
Inauguration of the World's First Retractable Roof Stadium
The Battle of Chawinda unfolded as a fierce confrontation between Pakistan and India, representing a critical moment in the ongoing regional conflict.
Four Peaked Mountain's First Eruption in Millennia
First LP Record Released: Beethoven's Fifth Symphony
Premiere of Samuel Beckett's "Happy Days" was launched
Toronto Film Festival: "The Big Chill" Wins People's Choice Award