Australia, Ukraine to Korea: 10 Most Beautiful Police Women across the World
Austria: The Federal Police was formed in July 2005 and before that the police system was operated under the Federal Gendarmerie.
Iraq: The Iraqi Police is the uniformed police force responsible for the enforcement of civil law and order in Iraq.
China: The Chinese People’s Armed Police Force was officially established in 1982. Their primary mission is internal security.
Indonesia: The Indonesian National Police was formally separated from the military in April 1999, and the process was formally completed in July 2000.
Australia: The Australian Federal Police was formed on 19th October 1979 after merging Commonwealth Police and the Australian Capital Territory Police.
South Korea: The Korean National Police Agency (KNPA) is also known as Korean National Police (KNP). It is one of the few police organizations in South Korea.
Norway: Establishment of police force in Norway can be dated back to 13th century.
Belgium: The Belgian Federal Police has approximately 12,300 officers and civilian personnel.
Iceland: Iceland police can trace its origins to 1778.