Top 10 Hilarious Signs He is Seeing Someone Else

Determine what steps you need to take to save yourself and the relationship by learning how to recognise the indicators that he is seeing someone else.

Published on: 6 March 2023 11:24 AM GMT
Top 10 Hilarious Signs He is Seeing Someone Else

It can be extremely upsetting when someone you have been in a serious relationship with for some time suddenly changes their behaviour. However, dealing with it can be hard, perplexing, and emotionally draining. The problem is made worse when you suspect or rather see that there are several causes for these shifts, including infidelity. Yet, it's important to be aware of the key indicators he may be cheating on you before your feelings spiral out of control and you act out of anger or contempt. Furthermore, if that is the case, identifying the symptoms will aid you in deciding whether to take action to safeguard yourself.

We'll go over some of the most undetectable but unmistakable indicators that he might be seeing someone else in this article.

The 10 Deadliest Indices That He's Dating Someone Else

He Seems to Be Busier Than Previously

He does not appear to have any new commitments, yet he merely seems busier than before despite this. He might not have the time for you that he formerly did and is frequently unavailable. Furthermore, he continuously denies it, saying that it is all in your head, if you approach him about it or inquire about whether anything has changed. A typical indicator that he is seeing someone else is a different attitude that says you are no longer at the top of his priority list.

He Does Not Put Equal Effort to Get Together

Even though you may have been thinking it is not a big deal, you can not deny the fact that it is only you who has been making an effort to meet, go on dates, or spend time together. Sometimes, it may be okay-ish for you, but gradually excuses and insignificant efforts can make it pretty evident that he is no longer interested in meeting you. Either he meets you because you have made plans or because you have whined about him not meeting you halfway. Moreover, he no longer wants to go to certain places and even if he agrees, he somehow keeps coming up with last-minute excuses to cancel the plan. All these are considerable signs that your man is seeing someone else and wants to be available to meet them.

He Spends Too Much Time on His Phone

When you are in an exclusive romantic relationship, going on dates, and spending quality time with each other are much needed. Away from the hussble-bussle and tensions of your routine life, you just wish to get lost in each other. However, when you see that your partner does not reciprocate a similar feeling but is continuously on his phone smiling or giggling, you are bound to have some doubts. You may also see him trying to hide texts or calls from you or even keep his phone upside down and away from you at all times throughout your date. If he keeps repeating this pattern every time you both are on a date or meeting together, it may be a sign he is seeing someone else and is clearly more interested in the other person.

He Acts Indifferent toward You

When did you start noticing that your man began acting indifferent towards you, be it your needs, wishes, or demands? Has there been some sort of a change in his routine due to which he is more exhausted than normal and is unable to give you proper time? If so, then give him space so that he can clear his head, and be his moral support. However, when there is no change in his routine, but he continuously dismisses you and your sentiments and has become emotionally unavailable, then this indifference can be a behavioral sign he is seeing someone else.

He Does Not Want to Label the Relationship Anymore

You thought things were going okay in your relationship, but your guy (out of the blue) started to insist on having an open and casual relationship. And now you feel confused, wondering what went wrong. However, it is not your fault. The only reason behind this irrational demand is that he wants to make himself available for other women and may not want to lose you either. Probably the best way to hit these two targets is by convincing you to practice modern dating, a.k.a a kind of relationship with no strings attached. So while he is with you, he still can flirt around with other women without being held guilty. This denial or hesitancy to be in an exclusive relationship is a classic sign he is seeing someone else or at the least, that he is interested in seeing someone else.

None of His Plans Include You

Time and again you see him making plans and hanging out with his friends or you hear from your mutual friends how fun it was yesterday (and that you should have been there). While you put up a brave face in front of them and lie to them about your busy schedule, deep within you start realizing that your guy does not want you to meet his friends anymore. His not including you in his social life anymore may be yet another sign he is seeing someone else. He must have shared it with his friends or he is introducing the other women to get along with his friends. Either way, when he is cutting you out of his social circle, he is making a statement that you can no longer ignore.

He Avoids Spending Too Much Time with You

It can be tough and confusing to tell if your partner is seeing someone else, especially if they are trying to hide it from you. One of the most common signs he is seeing someone else is if he starts to avoid spending quantity and quality time with you. Suddenly he will start making excuses for why he cannot hang out with you or why he leaves early when you are together. These little yet repetitive excuses could be a hint that something is going on in his life, and he is desperately trying to keep a secret from you.

He Greets You as His Buddy in Front of Other Female Friends

It is natural to feel a little uncomfortable when your significant other greets you as his buddy in front of others, especially female friends. It could be a sign of affection if it is something that he does casually just to tease you and makes it a point that you know he is being playful. However, it could also be a sign he is seeing someone else if does it only around (certain) other women. So, it is crucial to pay attention to how often he does this and how comfortable he is with it. If he does it too often, seems to be overly friendly with certain female friends, says that you both are not an actual couple, or brings up that there is nothing serious between you two as you are just into casual dating, then it could be an indication that something else is going on.

He Has Become Active on Dating Apps

If your partner once again has an active dating profile, it could be a sign that he is seeing someone else. It is critical to remember that there are many reasons why someone might be active on dating apps. At times, a person just needs a random stranger to vent about their feelings. However, if your partner suddenly has an active dating profile, it could be a sign that he is seeing someone else. Alternatively, it could be an indication that he is interested in casual hookups with another person. If you notice this, it is essential to have an honest conversation with him to find out whatever is going on, and if your relationship is still intact.

He Has Become Overprotective of His Phone

The closer and more comfortable you are with your partner, the more relaxed you become in their presence. However, if you have noticed that your partner has started becoming excessively protective of his phone, it may be a sign he is seeing someone else. All these could signal that he is trying to hide something from you. It is also vital to pay attention to this behavior if it becomes a regular occurrence. If this is happening in your relationship, it could mean that he is seeing someone else and trying to keep it a secret.



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