The World is celebrating biodiversity: World Environment Day 2020

The World is celebrating biodiversity: World Environment Day 2020
The World is celebrating biodiversity: World Environment Day 2020

ON JUNE 5 every year, world observes international environment day. People from more than 100 countries observe this day. Promoted by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) the day is being observed since the year 1973. Environment is crucial for our survival on this planet. It makes life sustainable. Without it, we cannot survive even for a day. It is important that we should take care of the environment. Also, abandon all the exploitation that we are causing to it. This day reminds us of our responsibilities towards that end.

Theme of the year:

“Biodiversity” is chosen as theme for world environment day 2020 by United Nations (UN). However,biodiversity is the variety of living organisms and their interactions with each other, i.e. life on Earth. The diversity linked to micro-organisms, different plants and animals is included in biodiversity. In addition,bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms, bryophytes and the various plants, birds, insects, fish and humans are all the fundamental part of biodiversity.

Furthermore, biodiversity can occur in a very small particular area or in a very large area like the ocean. It can be present in different ecosystems such as the desert ecosystem, the aquatic ecosystem and the terrestrial ecosystem, including the grassland ecosystem, the forest ecosystem, etc. therefore, it is present everywhere on earth.

Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi greeted people on the occasion by saying, “On #WorldEnvironmentDay, we reiterate our pledge to preserve our planet’s rich biodiversity. Let us collectively do whatever possible to ensure the flora and fauna with whom we share the Earth thrive. May we leave an even better planet for the coming generations.”


Also,Vice President Venkaiah Naidu greeted people on the occasion by saying, ''Let there be a new beginning on this World Environment Day. Together, we can secure the well-being of the people and the planet.'

The Major Objectives:

The major objective of this day is celebrated every year to spread awareness and to remind people that they have a role to play in preventing the loss of biodiversity and preserving nature for our future.

In addition,protect and preserve the extinction of varieties of plants and animal species.Furthermore,promote the development of rear species, ensure the exploration of new species with their importance and their ecosystem for sustainable biodiversity. Also,maintain the aesthetics of the Earth.

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Biodiversity conservation challenges:

There are still several species which are not yet discovered, the habitat of the servals and the landscapes are still not explored and therefore their effect on each other, ecosystem and species, is still unknown. However,in such circumstances, it is very difficult to develop indicators for measuring and monitoring the parameters of biodiversity.

Although the conservation of biodiversity in certain areas is regulated by legislation by declaring the area as a national park, sanctuaries, botanical garden,inclusion in all the relevant laws remains difficult.

In addition,Maintaining Ex-Situ conservation of biodiversity is costly economically.