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"Dive into a bowl of cool and fresh fruits like oranges, berries, kiwi and lots more. Add a pinch of black salt and a cup of any juice of your choice. Sprinkling chaat masala and few drops of lime juice is all that your taste bud needs."

 If you feel that using just lemon juice can be harsh on your skin, combine it with  cucumber juice and rose water.  The lemon juice will work to remove the tan while the cucumber and rose water will soothe burnt and blemished skin.

Lucknow: “If you have dreams, Jio will support you at every step of the way,” and this has turned into reality for Gaurav Kumar hailing from Mirzapur, who have won a luxury apartment by playing ‘Jio Play Along’ contest during the Indian Premiere League 2018. Jio has gifted Gaurav a 1BHK flat by Palava in …

High in vitamin C and phytochemicals, the seeds can be used for lowering bad cholesterol. It is available in the form of oil in  markets, which can be used as a flavouring agent or simply for its pleasant smell. Orange seeds are not poisonous when swallowed as they contain very minute amounts of cyanide, and thanks to our body as it has the ability to detoxify small amounts of cyanide. These seeds are pushed out from your body when you defecate.

We all know that exposure to sunlight helps our body produce more vitamin D but we do least efforts for it. Vitamin D derived through sunlight circulates in the body for twice as long as compared to vitamin D from foods or supplements. Thus, this is the best medium to have your daily intake of vitamin D.

About 42 million people living in India are suffering from this problem and the difficulty they face to lose weight is unexplained. A person suffering from hypothyroidism is not able to burn calories due to the reduction in the level of thyroid hormones and hence they start gaining weight.

Green tea improves cholesterol levels by lowering the bad cholesterol and increasing the good cholesterol. A study by the Vanderbilt University Medical Center in 2003 showed that in a 12-week trial, participants who were given green tea supplements showed a reduction in cholesterol level by 16 percent.

Grinding ourselves through long workday without breaks and often without physical activity results into late dinner and late bedtime. This in turn translates into poor sleep. When we do not give ourselves the chance to reset and renew throughout the day, we come home stressed and exhausted.