This winter try ‘Sarson Ka Saag te makke di roti’ for your immunity

With winters knocking on our doors, what better than sarson ka saag, made with mustard saag leaves, a type of green leafy vegetable.

This winter try 'Sarson Ka Saag te makke di roti' for your immunity (Social Media)

With the winter chill slowly setting in and the temperature going down, it is advisable to take care of one’s health and immunity, especially in the wake of the prevailing circumstances. Dietitians and nutritionists are of the opinion that one of the best ways to do so is by having ghar ka khaana which is sourced locally, is fresh and seasonal. And with winters knocking on our doors, what better than sarson ka saag, made with mustard saag leaves, a type of green leafy vegetable.

The Punjabi dish is mostly made in winters as it is said to keep the body warm which, in turn, helps fight cold spells.

However, did you know that the saag leaves are also a powerhouse of many essential nutrients? Here’s dietitian Lavleen Kaur‘s detailed Facebook post on its health benefits.

She said, “My lunch today – Why the season’s first sarson ka saag is always special? When combined with makki di roti, makhan (butter), mooli (radish), amle da achar (amla pickle) and gur (jaggery), it can’t get more Punjabi!”

Health benefits:

Makki or cornmeal roti: Rich in vitamins A, C, K, beta-carotene. Good for skin, hair, heart, brain and digestion. A good alternative for gluten-sensitivity.

Sarson or mustard leaves: Rich in top-class antioxidants and essential micronutrients, primarily iron. Good for hypertension and heart patients.

White butter: Make it at home and enjoy a dollop on your saag to get healthy fat which helps absorb your meal.

Amla pickle: Adds vitamin C.

Radish: A couple of sticks add fibre content.

Jaggery or fennel seeds: Aid in digestion and satisfy post-meal sweet cravings.

Here’s how you can make the delicious dish, courtesy Chef Vaibhav Bhargava, Sheraton New Delhi Hotel

Required Ingredients

For Sarson Ka Saag

250g – Mustard leaves

125g – Bathua leaves

125g – Spinach leaves

240g – Fenugreek leaves

200g – Onions

50g – Ginger

20g – Green chilies

20g- Garlic

5g – Red chili powder

1000ml – Water

50g – Maize flour

Salt to taste

For tempering

100g – Onion

20g – Oil

Makki ki Roti

500g – Maize flour

150ml – Water

5g – Ajwain

20g – Ghee

Salt to taste

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Super Easy Method

For Sarson ka Saag

Clean and chop all the greens and wash again in running water to remove dirt. Repeat the process 3-4 times.

In a pressure cooker, add all the ingredients except maize flour and cook for 8-10 minutes.

Put the greens along with stock and maize flour in a blender and blend it for a minute.

Take a bowl and pour the blended greens in it. Now, take a pan, add the greens and simmer for 20-25 mins.

In another pan, heat oil or ghee, add chopped onions and saute till brown. Add the prepared saag and stir fry. Keep stirring for a few mins.

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For Makki ki Roti

Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl. Add half of the water and knead well. Add more water, if required.

Using a cling film, roll the dough and make small size balls of the dough.

Roast the makki ki roti on a tawa with a few drops of ghee until it’s brown and thoroughly cooked.

Serve hot with Sarson ka Saag


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So, when are you going to try it out?

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