From Dosa to Dhokla: Count on these lip-smacking recipes

Here are a few recipes from Quaker India’s Do It Yourself (DIY) Brekkies, a video series on YouTube to promote everyday healthy breakfast eating.

From Dosa to Dhokla: Count on these lip-smacking recipes

From Dosa to Dhokla: Count on these lip-smacking recipes (Social Media)

The importance of breakfast has time and again been emphasised to help keep the blood sugar levels in check. Apart from the health aspect, it is also necessary that one has varied foods in order to experience different tastes as well as keep the soul happy. Don’t you agree? If you are running out of breakfast options, here are simple, easy and healthy recipes that you can churn out of your humble oats.

Oats are known to be a powerhouse of fibre, protein and micronutrients. So, if you are looking to indulge, you are at the right place.

Oats dhokla

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This easy-to-make Oats Dhokla is the ideal companion to your morning tea, offering the perfect punch of flavours and tang with chillies, mustard, ginger, and oats.

Required Ingredients

1/4 cup – Oats (roasted and powdered)

1/4 cup – Gram Flour

3/4 cup – Curd (prepared from skimmed milk)

2.5g – Ginger (grated)

Salt To taste

1.5g – Oil

1/2tsp – Baking powder

Super Easy Method

Make a batter using oats, curd and besan. Mix and keep aside for 1 hour.

Add ginger and baking powder and mix well.

Grease a thali, pour dhokla batter in it and steam till done and set.

Heat oil in a pan. Add mustard seeds, chopped green chillies and two teaspoon water.

Pour over dhokla. Cut into square pieces and serve.

Oats dosa

Required Ingredients

For batter

1 cup – Powdered oats (For powdered oats, roast it for 2-3 minutes. Cool and grind in a mixer. Makes 5-6 dosas)

1/4 cup – Urad dal

1 1/2 cups – Water

Salt to taste

For filling

1/2no – Onion, sliced

1 no – Green chilli, chopped

Few no – Curry leaves

3 no – Potatoes, boiled and mashed lightly

1/2tsp – Mustard seeds

1 no – Dry red chilli, broken

Salt and red chilli powder to taste

1tsp – Sambar powder

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Super Easy Method

Heat pan and add the dry red chilli and mustard seeds.

When it crackles, add onions, curry leaves and green chillies.

Cook on low heat till the onions turn soft.

Add red chilli powder, sambar powder and potatoes.

Stir-fry for two-three minutes and keep aside.

Mix oats powder, urad dal powder and water in a vessel to obtain a thin pouring batter.

Keep aside for 5-10 minutes till it becomes slightly thick.

Heat a non-stick pan. Pour a ladle of batter on low flame, spreading from inside to get a round shape.

When the edges turn brown, put some filling in the centre and fold over.

Remove and serve with chutney.

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So, when are you going to try this drooling recipe?

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