Facebook Page – Most Amazing Videos On The Internet’s Viral Success Story

Facebook Page - Most Amazing Videos On The Internet's Viral Success Story

Facebook Page - Most Amazing Videos On The Internet's Viral Success Story

Digital creators and publishers have been on the rise on Facebook in 2020. While a lot of publishers and creators have been trying to get on the road to fame and grow their social presence, the Digital Marketing duo Jagrit Pratap Singh & Vikram Garg, veterans in the Digital Marketing space have dominated with over a decade of experience. Jagrit, who is 26 and is based out of Noida while Vikram is 29 who hails from Ambala. They have superseded in creating viral social media properties which have proven to have a major contribution towards creating the best of digital entertainment on Facebook.

The duo is prominently known for its Viral News and Media portal: Hiptoro.com – Started in 2017, Hiptoro is a Viral Entertainment & Media Website turned into a full-fledged Media company. In a matter of 7 months of its existence, the viral news and media website made it to the list of the most popular websites in the World with an Alexa Ranking of 191 in the United States.

The Facebook Page ‘Most Amazing Videos on the Internet’ was started back in 2014, the page has made it to be one of the most popular sources of creative entertainment on Facebook. The page now boasts a following of 2.2M followers, with most of their audience from the United States. This was way before the Internet was stormed by the Meme Culture, upon talking to the duo, they emphasized on posting content that is relevant and taking notes of the feedback you receive from your audience. Feedbacks are vital for growth. If you don’t cater to your audience well, you’ll never be able to grow your social reach.

Most Amazing Videos on the Internet started as a News & Media publishing page on Facebook, covering the entertainment sphere as a whole. The page reaches 20M people every week and engages well over 5M people per week. These outstanding numbers speak for the Most Amazing Videos on the Internet’s viral success. Working with the top brands across the globe, the page’s primary source of income comes from brand tie-ups and mostly from Facebook’s monetization tools which have enabled publishers to make money while doing what they do the best: creating quality content.

Upon talking more to the duo, Jagrit Pratap Singh & Vikram Garg expressed that they have greater goals to conquer. Their most pronounced goal includes taking their Facebook page: Most Amazing Videos on the Internet to grow to 3M followers by the end of 2020 and making it one of the most engaged Facebook pages on the Internet. They’re also working on growing Hiptoro as a broad media company with their own video production house and inhouse journalists working round the clock to create high quality, engaging, and feel-good content for the social media masses.