3 detox drinks to keep your glow intact this summer

Extreme heat takes away the glow from skin. It becomes too important to indulge into detox drinks that restore your hydration

Summers are already here and they will get severe in days to come. With scorching sun on top of our head, many of us lose our glow and texture of the skin. While it is very important to glow from outside, it is even important to keep the inner glow intact by doing the proper detox. Inner glow here mean, keeping well with all your internal organs and systems.

The most important thing in summer is to stay hydrated. If you don’t keep maintain your water levels, you will starts seeing the results on your skin as well as our body. Some fruits which contain over 90% water level are- watermelon, cucumber and tomato. There are many ingredients at our home by which me can make some simple drinks to keep us healthy.

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3 best summer detox drinks


1. Cucumber Mint detox

Ingredients- Lemon, mint leaves, cucumber, water, black salt

Usage- Cut the cucumber finely into a cold glass of water, add few drops of lemon. Put some mint leaves and sprinkle black salt. Mint leaves are great for digestion and stomach, also they provide cooling effect to our body. Cucumber contains 96% water content.

2. Coconut water and lemon detox

Ingredients- Coconut water, lemon, honey, mint leaves.

Usage- Pour the coconut water in a glass, add chopped mint leaves and 1 tbsp honey into it. Add freshly cut mint leaves. Stir well and drink it. Mint again, is great for upset stomach and gives the much needed cooling essence in summer. Honey acts as a great antioxidant while coconut act as great source of hydration.

3. Aam Panna

Ingredients- Raw mangoes, sugar, black salt, few mint leaves, water.

Usage- Boil all the mangoes and cool them down. Take out the pulp from mango in juicer grinder. Add 1 cup water, bit of sugar and black salt. Blend all well. Add mint leaves to garnish the drink and enjoy. There are several benefits of this drink while major ones being- It boosts immune system, acts an an antioxidant, hydrates the body well. It also cures digestive problems.

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