Wrist of a girl replanted after a miraculous surgery in Noida

Wrist of a girl replanted after a miraculous surgery in Noida

Noida: In a landmark surgery, the doctors at a renowned hospital in Noida have succeeded in replanting the wrist of a small girl, after 12 hours of microsurgery, on Friday, April 29.

The seven years old Priya Bharadwaj, had lost her wrist in an accident but in a miraculous surgery her hand could be saved.

The incident:

  • Priya Bhardwaj is a resident of Noida who met an accident when her left hand came under a fodder cutting machine.
  • The girl child lost her whole wrist and was left with just a thumb attached to her skin.

The surgery:

  • Priya underwent a twelve hours long microsurgery in which each of her nerves, arteries, veins and tissues were replanted.
  • The doctors claim that her wrist would be able to work properly in two to three months.

What is Replantation:

  • Dr. Abhishek Sharma, Reconstructive Surgeon, said that re-plantation is the widely used method in medical science for reconstruction of a body part.
  • He said that this method helps the patient's body part to work in the same manner as it had been working earlier.
  • The surgeon also stated that Priya underwent a microscopic surgery so that her minute nerves and tissues could be reconstructed properly.