No slaps only hugs: The brighter side of Uttar Pradesh police

No slaps only hugs: The brighter side of Uttar Pradesh police

Auraiyya: Discarded by her own kins but adopted by the police. It may defy logics if one comes to comprehend the functioning of Khaki, at least in Uttar Pradesh.

This is a tale of police solicitude, though rare but true. Sonwati, an octogenarian lady , who once came to Vidhuna police station in Auriayya district of UP with complaints against her children, has not only made this police station her home but commanding all sorts of motherly treatment from the policemen and police women.

She has been residing just outside the police station and getting fulfilled her life essentialities from police staff of Bidhuna. It has been six months since she stayed back and ironically none of her family members turned up to ask her welfare.

Sonwati is happy, even made one of lady police constable her daughter and receiving all affection from the men and women in Khaki.

Sharing the information, Inspector Gneral of Police Navneet Sikera said the story should come out more because it shows sensitive side of the police, which is often shrouded by the negativities.

Meanwhile, the Circle Office Balak Ram in Auraiyya told that it was a case of human compassion rather than anything else. ''We not only as policemen but as human beings have to look after her as she was left orphaned by her own kids and relatives,'' he added.