Trust allows reconstruction of mosque on Ayodhya temple land

Trust allows reconstruction of mosque on Ayodhya temple land

Ayodhya: Nearly 24 years after Babri Masjid's demolition, a 300-year-old tumbledown mosque will be reconstructed on the Hanumangarhi temple land in Ayodhya of Uttar Pradesh.

Several days after entry in Aalamgiri Masjid was prohibited by a local civic body declaring it dangerous, the trust of the Hanumangarhi temple allowed rebuilding the mosque as well as agreed to bear its cost. Also, the trust welcomed the Muslims to offer namaz in the temple’s premises.

It may be mentioned that the Aalamgiri mosque was commissioned by one of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb’s generals in Ayodhya in the 17th century. Later in 1765, the mosque was donated to Hanumangarhi temple by Nawab Shujauddaulah on the condition that the namaz offerings should never be stopped on the land.

Gradually, the practice of offering namaz within the premises, however, came to an end and the mosque was abandoned with no maintenance.

Keeping in mind the condition of the old mosque, the municipal board of Ayodhya recently pasted notice on its walls banning entry into it. Subsequently, a group of Muslim locals met the temple’s chief priest seeking his permission for the mosque’s repair. Finally, the meeting ended in a pleasant surprise.

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