Struggle Story of Motivational Speaker Dr. Vivek Bindra, famous Teachers Anand Kumar & RK Srivastava

Today we are talking about motivational speaker Vivek Bindra, famous teacher Anand Kumar and RK Srivastava, the story of all of them is very inspirational.

Published on: 20 Jan 2022 8:40 AM GMT
Struggle Story of Motivational Speaker Dr. Vivek Bindra, famous Teachers Anand Kumar & RK Srivastava

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Lucknow: Today we are talking about famous teachers Anand Kumar and RK Srivastava, famous business coach and motivational speaker Vivek Bindra, the biography of all of them is very inspiring. Dr. Vivek Bindra is a revolutionary entrepreneur, an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker and a business coach. He is helping people all over the world achieve their business goals. And he is also a very big Youtuber. He is the Founder and CEO of Bada Business is a platform from where any businessman can grow his business by learning.

Dr. Vivek Bindra Motivational Speaker

Dr. Vivek Bindra's life was very struggling. And he was born in Lucknow, after two and a half years of his birth, his father died. After this his mother got married for the second time. And then he started living in Delhi with his uncle and grandfather. And started studying there. Dr. Vivek Bindra started selling English dictionary on the road for school fees. After this Vivek Bindra ji also did BBA and MBA from here. Vivek Bindra also started home tuition for his school fees and he used to teach tuition well by keeping some teachers with him and used to take out the school fees and his own expenses.

Vivek Bindra ji used to share his knowledge of Gita with the people, he had both business knowledge and knowledge of Gita and he used to spend his time sharing his knowledge with people but here as a sanyasi he is in a limit. Due to which they could not serve the country and the people well. Then his Gurudev told him that with your knowledge you will be able to serve the people and the country by leaving the life of a monk, then Dr. Vivek Bindra left his ascetic life and started serving the people and the country.

Then Vivek Bindra decided that I have to change the people of this country and this country, with this goal Vivek Bindra started serving only in India, he also started doing business in Hindi language all over the country and in the same way. Vivek Bindra has become a very big entrepreneur today - doing service with hard work and passion. Millions of people gather to listen to his words, people are becoming successful by listening to him on his YouTube channel.

Struggle story of RK Srivastava:

On the other hand, let us tell you that after the passing of the father, two teachers of Bihar, Anand Kumar and RK Srivastava were completely broken, but on the strength of their hard work and hard work, today people like the educational working style of both these teachers in the country and abroad. Where Anand Kumar has made hundreds of financially poor students an engineer by running Super 30, on the other hand RK Srivastava has made him an engineer by teaching hundreds of financially poor students in just ₹ 1 Guru Dakshina.

Both are teachers of mathematics, but their struggling life inspires millions of youth. When RK Srivastava was 5 years old, his father Parasnath Lal left this world, on the other hand Anand Kumar's father left him in his youth, after the father's passing where Anand Kumar used to run his family by selling papad, the same RK Srivastava His family used to run on income from auto rickshaw. But a proverb is true that after every darkness there is a light, these two teachers proved on the strength of their hard work and dedication that the winners do not quit and those who leave do not win, both these teachers spend their lives financially.

Has been engaged in the service of poor students. Anand Kumar and RK Srivastava are now a big personality not only in Bihar but in the whole country. Let us tell you that World Records holder RK Srivastava, a resident of Bikramganj in Rohtas district of Bihar, has given wings to his dream by helping hundreds of economically poor students succeed in the prestigious engineering entrance examinations of the country including IIT, NIT, BCECE by taking Guru Dakshina just 1 rupee. Have put In the past also, questions about Anand Kumar and RK Srivastava have been asked in different ways in GK books and test exams.



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