Severe Heat Wave: Deadly Heat Claims Lives Daily, Here's How to Protect Yourself

Published on: 1 Jun 2024 6:02 AM GMT
Severe Heat Wave: Deadly Heat Claims Lives Daily, Heres How to Protect Yourself

A severe heat wave is sweeping across Uttar Pradesh, claiming lives daily. The government provides a compensation of INR 4 lakh for deaths caused by heat stroke. To mitigate the impact, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has ordered the installation of drinking water stalls at public places and along major roads. Meteorologists predict that some areas of the state might soon experience rain, offering temporary relief from the heat.Currently, discussions in Uttar Pradesh revolve around the severe heat and the Lok Sabha elections. While the election results on June 4th will end the political heat for losing candidates, the temperature remains relentless. In districts like Jhansi and Kanpur, temperatures are nearing 50 degrees Celsius.

In the capital, Lucknow, residents are suffering from the scorching winds even at midnight. Air conditioners in homes and cars are failing due to the high demand, and the power supply is overwhelmed, causing unrest at power substations.The heat has caused numerous deaths across Uttar Pradesh, with around 200 people succumbing so far, including 19 election and security personnel. On Friday alone, Mirzapur reported the deaths of eight home guards and one security personnel. Thousands have fallen ill due to the heat, with over 100 people in Lucknow seeking treatment daily for symptoms like fever and diarrhea. Children and the elderly are particularly affected. Doctors advise avoiding the sun whenever possible and using umbrellas, scarves, and helmets if going out is necessary. It's also crucial to carry water and stay hydrated.

Chief Minister's Directives

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has instructed officials to take comprehensive measures to protect the public, livestock, and wildlife from the extreme heat and heat waves. He has mandated the release of daily bulletins from the Relief Commissioner’s office based on weather forecasts. Additionally, he has ordered the prevention of unnecessary power cuts and the prompt resolution of public issues. Instructions have also been given to ensure the availability of drinking water at public places and along main roads. The Relief Commissioner’s department has issued advisories to protect people from the heat

.Compensation for Heat Wave Deaths

The Uttar Pradesh government provides INR 4 lakh in financial aid from the Disaster Relief Fund to families of those who die from heat stroke, provided a post-mortem confirms the cause of death. Families must report the death to local officials such as the Lekhpal, Tehsildar, and SDM. Upon receiving the report, the Revenue Department will conduct a post-mortem and send the findings to the District Magistrate, who will then facilitate the financial aid. For deaths occurring during election duty, the Election Commission of India provides a compensation of INR 15 lakh to the deceased's family.

Symptoms of Heat Stroke

Elevated body temperatureHeadache, dizziness, and fatigueRed and dry skinExcessive thirst and frequent urinationPainful cramps in the legs and abdomenNausea, vomiting, and abdominal painIn severe cases, unconsciousness

Precautions Against Heat StrokeEat light meals and avoid fried foods.Do not go out on an empty stomach.Wear light and full-sleeved clothing.Avoid exposure to the sun.Drink plenty of water.Consume juices like lemon and bael.Seek medical attention if symptoms persist.



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