Railways doubles compensation amount for rail accident victims

Railways doubles compensation amount for rail accident victims

New Delhi: A month after the Indore-Patna Express derailment caused 140 deaths, the Railways on Monday announced that the compensation amount paid to train accident victims will be doubled from January 2017.

The Railways officially announced, the immediate family of the passenger, who died in a train accident, will now be given Rs 8 lakh in place of earlier Rs 4 lakh.

In case of any passenger facing serious injuries, such as loss of limbs or facial disfigurement, will also be entitled to Rs 8 lakh instead of Rs 4 lakh.

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Compensation in case of amputation due to a shoulder injury have been raised to Rs 7,20,000 from the earlier Rs 3,60,000 and in case of loss of thumb the amount has been hiked from the earlier Rs 1,20, 000 to Rs 2,40,000.

The compensation for loss of two fingers of one hand has also been increased from Rs 80,000 to Rs 1, 60,000, said the Railways notification.

These compensations will be paid separate from the travel insurance cover of a maximum of Rs 10 lakh given to the families of passengers opting for the scheme.

The Railway Claims Tribunals (RCTs) covers 41 categories of injuries, which also include amputation at the hip and fracture of the spine, in a train mishap.

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The Delhi high court, reacting on a petition filed by advocate Setu Niket in 2016 which claimed that the Railways had not increased the compensation amount since 1994, had ruled that it was "obligatory" for the Centre to enhance the compensation amount considering the substantial change in the money value and the impact it has caused in the cost of living.