Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses ‘Mann ki Baat’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses ‘Mann ki Baat’

New Delhi: Appreciating Army's efforts during rescue operation in flood affected areas to attempting to clear confusion over on GST, Prime Minister Narendra Modi puts his views on many things while holding the 34th Mann ki Baat.

Here are the live updates...

Monsoon is enjoyable but this season also leads to floods. We are doing everything to help in relief and rehabilitation.

A 24x7 control room helpline number 1078 is functioning continuously to deal with the flood situation.

Like always, I seek ideas and suggestions from people. This time, I have got lot of calls and letters on GST.

PM on GST:

It has been one month since GST was implemented and its benefits can be seen already.

I feel very happy when a poor person writes to say how because of GST prices of various items essential for him have come down.

GST has transformed the economy.

Successful rollout of GST is a case study. It is also an example of cooperative federalism. All decisions taken by both Centre and States.

GST is more than just a tax reform! It ushers in a new culture.

Importance of the month of August:

The month of August has seen historic movements in India.

Starting from 1857, we saw so many movements for India's freedom.

In 1920 and 1942 we saw two different Gandhian movements. What was common was the widespread support for Mahatma Gandhi.

We remember Mahatma Gandhi for his leadership during 'Quit India' and we remember leaders like Lok Nayak JP and Dr. Lohia who took part in it.

India's clarion call in 2017 is a pledge for a New India:

Today, we do not have to die for the nation. We have to live for our nation and take it to new heights of progress.

When I am speaking on 15th August from the ramparts of the Red Fort, I am merely the medium. It is the people whose voice is resonating.

Our festivals also bring economic opportunities for the poor.

Festivals light the lamp of prosperity in the homes of the poor.

PM encourages Indian sports teams:

In this day and age, expectations are raised so much. And then, if our team can't win some people don't even respect basic decencies.

But, the way India supported the women's cricket team shows a shift.

I am happy how India took pride in the team's accomplishment.