Netizens say "UP-Bihar Me Teachers Ba", after the viral trend of "Bihar Me Ka Ba"

Aditya Kumar, a recipient of national and international awards, is popularly known as Cycle Guru. He has received many big awards including Limca Book of World.

Updated on: 27 Jan 2022 3:52 AM GMT

Lucknow: Describing the pain of laborers in the lockdown of the year 2020, a song by Manoj Bajpayee came "Mumbai Mein Ka Ba", on the same lines, Bhojpuri singer Neha Singh Rathore sang the song in Bihar elections that "Bihar Mein Ka Ba" which became popular on social media and it went viral. Now as soon as the UP elections came near, Neha Singh Rathore is once again in the headlines for her Bhojpuri song "UP Mein Ka Ba".

Even at the time of Bihar elections, people had answered 'Bihar me Ka Ba' in their own way, during the Bihar elections, famous singer Maithili Thakur had also responded in her own way, apart from this, social media users were among the famous teachers of the country.

Referring to Anand Kumar, RK Srivastava and Khan Sir, it was told that the famous teacher of the country in Bihar, But once again "UP Mein Ka Ba" is being mentioned on social media, social media users are responding by making videos in different ways, but this saying is true that only education can change the society. If so, some social media users have mentioned the teachers of UP who are famous for their educational work style in the country and abroad, social media users have named those teachers and told that in UP, the famous teachers of the country are in UP".

Let's know about the teachers of UP who are famous in the country and abroad-

Aditya Kumar:

Aditya Kumar, a recipient of national and international awards, is popularly known as Cycle Guru. He has received many big awards including Limca Book of World. Aditya travels in different states by bicycle and educates the children for free. He has a very close relationship with Lucknow, Aditya Kumar was born on 18 July 1970 in Salempur village of Farrukhabad. Aditya had a desire since childhood that he should complete his higher studies. But due to money problem, his dream could not be fulfilled. He used to meet the fees of college education by teaching tuitions to the children.

Science graduate Aditya Kumar, popularly known as 'Cycle Guruji', is a true carrier and broadcaster of education. They take education to those places which are not accessible to schools. Aditya travels 60-65 kilometers on his bicycle every day to educate poor children living in slums in the nearby areas of Lucknow. Born in a poor family himself, Aditya has been doing this unique work since 1995. Aditya travels with him on a bicycle with a board. Where some students stop them together, they sit there and start teaching.

Arvind Gupta:

Arvind Gupta is honored with the Padma Shri award, Arvind Gupta, one of the famous teachers of the country and abroad, is famous for his unique educational work style. Originally from Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, Arvind Gupta entered IIT in 1970 after Class XII examination from UP Board and completed his son's studies from there. After working for a few years, he did not feel like doing that work, so he left the job and he started teaching mathematics and science by doing practical with junk.

Somebody should learn from Arvind to give knowledge of an esoteric subject like science to children through play and play. They teach children science lessons through the process of making toys. Toys are also not made from the materials bought from the market, but from the junk. Through each step of making toys, they teach something new about science. They also upload videos of their fun teaching techniques on YouTube.

Alakh Pandey:

Alakh Pandey has become a big name in the country and abroad, Alakh Pandey gives free physics and chemistry coaching to people through YouTube. If you are also interested in Physics and Chemistry, then you can subscribe to Alakh Pandey from YouTube. From time to time, Alakh Pandey uploads videos related to Physics and Chemistry on his YouTube channel. Alakh Pandey is seen not only by the students of India but also by the students of our neighboring countries Nepal, Pakistan and all over the world. Let us tell you that Alakh Pandey is a resident of Prayagraj in Uttar Pradesh.

This teacher of a government school has become an example on social media, PM Modi has also done Salaam Primary school, this teacher of primary school has made smart class with his resources, as well as YouTube, Green Board and mobile app Diksha app, their educational work style is being praised on social media. They say that a lamp cannot dispel all the darkness, but it can give the courage to fight the darkness. One such encouraging story is that of a teacher of a government school in UP, who has raised a government school at par with convent schools with her personal resources.

Mamta Mishra:

PM Modi has also saluted his initiative. This teacher is Mamta Mishra posted as assistant teacher in Model Primary School Teduavan of Chaka Block in Yamunapar area of ​​Prayagraj district. Teacher Mamta Mishra teaches children the tricks of science and maths in a playful way. Along with teaching in online education school, Mamta is also giving online education to the children. She teaches the nuances of mathematics and science to the children in a playful way with such ease, which both the fellow teachers and parents are surprised to see. Mamta also runs her own channel on YouTube. On which she has uploaded more than 500 videos so far while teaching children.

The popularity of their YouTube channel can be gauged from the fact that more than 5 lakh people have subscribed to channel, run by the name Ankit. After the famous teachers of UP, now let's talk about the famous teachers of Bihar, whose glory is intact in the country and abroad--- Now let's talk about "Bihar Mein Ka Ba'.

Anand Kumar:

Let us tell you that Anand Kumar is one of India's most famous teachers." Considered one of the famous teachers. Last year, a film was also made on Anand Kumar. Anand Kumar in the form of Super 30 gives coaching to 30 children every year to clear the IIT exam.

He gives coaching to 30 children for free. They believe that if someone is poor, then he can also become an engineer by taking the IIT exam.

RK Srivastava:

Engineer, RK Srivastava takes only Rs 1 as coaching fee. RK Srivastava doesn't call this one rupee as coaching fee but Guru Dakshina. Also known as Rajinikanth Srivastava. RK Srivastava teaches Mathematics. RK Srivastava, by giving free education to the children who are weak, makes them engineers by making them successful in IIT, NIT, BCECE entrance examinations, RK Srivastava teaches maths to the students in sports.

Khan Sir:

The name is recorded in the World Book of Records and India Book of Records, we all have heard about Khan Sir. Khan sir not only prepares for UPSC exam, SSC, RAILWAY, BPSC, PCS and other competitive exams as well. Khan sir also runs a coaching institute named GS Recharge Center. Let us tell you that this coaching institute is present in Patna, Bihar. Khan sir is one such teacher. Which came in the top 10 according to YouTube Views. To put it simply, Khan sir is such a teacher. From whom lakhs of crores of students of the country and the world take education from them.



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