Meet the Top 3 teachers of the nation; DEETS inside

It is very important to be educated for a bright future.

Published on: 21 Nov 2022 12:28 PM GMT
Meet the Top 3 teachers of the nation; DEETS inside

Best Teachers:It is very important to be educated for a bright future. The way technology is progressing, in the same way the level of education is also increasing day by day. In such a situation, it is necessary that some changes should be brought in the way of teaching children, so that as much as the children's mind is engaged in games and mobiles, the same mind is engaged in studies.

They should know the value of study. Only then the interest of children will increase for studies and then no one can stop them from achieving success. There are some such great teachers who have taken the children to this stage of success, whose praise is as less as it is. These teachers do not teach the children just to complete the lesson of the book, but along with completing the chatter, they also take forward the motive regarding their life.

Vikas Divyakirthi Sir

Vikas Divyakirti Sir, whom every child preparing for UPSC would know. There are many videos of Dr. Vikas Divyakeerti on the internet. When you will see Dr. Vikas Divyakirti's way of teaching in those videos, you will also become his follower of all those children who have crossed many steps of success after studying with Vikas Divyakirti.

Be it any subject, his unique style of teaching makes him stand out. For this reason, the favorite head of the children preparing is Dr. Vikas Divyakirti.

Bihar's famous teacher RK Srivastava

Now if we talk about Bihar's famous teacher RK Srivastava, then he has the biggest contribution behind making the studying children engineers. RK Srivastava, famous by the name of Mathematics Guru of Bihar, who takes Guru Dakshina of Re 1 and leaves the children only after making them capable. Children like RK Srivastava's way of teaching very much. Today, the whole country salutes the Mathematics teacher who worked day and night for the education of his children from the beginning of the year till the day before the examination. He enriched the lives of hundreds of poor children by taking one rupee as Guru Dakshina.

RK Srivastava never gave up in his struggle-filled life. Millions of troubles came, many troubles tried to block his way, but RK Srivastava never stopped. Today it is here that RK Srivastava teaches his children that never give up in life, difficulties will keep coming, but overcome those difficulties and go far ahead.

Today, the gurus who teach children by taking Guru Dakshina of Re 1, have ever seen such days of poverty that they managed to manage their household expenses by driving an auto rickshaw. But considering his life as a gift from God, today RK Srivastava has beautified his family and many poor children by making them capable.

Awadh Ojha sir

By the way, you must have heard a lot about Ojha Sir of Allahabad. After all, Teacher Avadh Ojha makes the children crazy about him. Means in studies. Yes, it is a great pleasure to do Ojha Sir's class for the children. Some children even say that Ojha Sir teaches lectures in the class as if he is talking to us. His full name is Avadh Pratap Ojha. Ojha Sir teaches children through both online and offline medium.

Around crores of aspirants preparing for UPSC study in Avadh Ojha sir's class while thousands of children have a dream to study live from Ojha sir. After seeing many ups and downs during his 22 years of struggle, today Ojha Sir's children have become his fans.

The most special thing about Ojha Sir is that Avadh Ojha teaches 20 children every year for free. But for this a condition is kept that after the selection the students will pay the money. For this, children have to pass a qualifying test.

Talking about his coaching institute, Avadh Ojha says, many children come to take admission in coaching who do not have money to eat. Some's father works as a guard in an ATM, while some's mother does house-to-house chores.

Even in today's era, many promising children stay behind in the path of success after seeing the face of money. Even today I miss the fact that I could not become an IAS because there was no one to show me the right path at that time.

It is true that if a person took the right step when he had the opportunity, then he becomes Alexander of destiny. So these are all the same teachers, so they encourage children to become Alexander, they make them study for their bright future and make them a capable and successful person.



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